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Volunteer Job Descriptions

All volunteer shifts run approximately 4:30 to 8:00 PM.  Volunteers will receive a YLC Wednesday at the Square t-shirt and fresh beers, soda and water. 


If you are interested in volunteering as an individual, please register here 

Beer Booth Volunteer

Beer booth volunteers must be at least 21 years of age. A minimum of 10 volunteers are needed at each beer booth. Beer pourers will pour a variety of Abita Beer from the keg into a plastic Abita cup to sell to concert attendees. Beer sales volunteers will use a electronic POS (point-of-sale) system to accept payment from concert attendees in exchange for beer. Beer sellers are asked to serve no more than 2 beers per person at a time. During a shift, you may be asked to switch between beer seller and pourer. Beer Booth volunteers receive a short training before the shift begins to ensure laws, best practices, and safety measures are followed. Corporate Volunteers with enough participants may “adopt” a beer booth as a fun group activity.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY

ADA Accessibility VOLUNTEER

ADA Accessibility Tent Volunteers will assist with ensuring guests with a disability have equitable access to YLC Wednesday at the Square! This process includes assisting guests with information such as accessible maps, pre-requested accommodations to access the event, distribute ADA Accessible Passes, and provide superior customer service to guests at Lafayette Square. In addition, volunteers will be expected to answer general questions from concert attendees. Before each concert, volunteers will be provided information about the layout of YLC Wednesday at the Square so that they are able to perform these duties.


VIP check-in volunteers will be stationed at the YLC Membership tent and are responsible for distributing VIP and Media credentials. This is a great shift for positive personalities that excel at customer service. Many of our VIPs are event sponsors and we want them to see the impact of YLC in action. VIP Check-In Volunteers are at the frontlines of that experience! Volunteers will be supplied with a list and instructions each week.


Volunteer Check-In

Check-in volunteers greet and check in more than 50 volunteers at each concert, and are essential to Wednesday at the Square running smoothly! Volunteers must arrive in time to begin checking in volunteers at 4:30 pm. This process includes: checking volunteer names on the sign-in sheet, issuing volunteer t-shirts, fastening the volunteer beer wristbands on volunteers, and directing volunteers to their designated areas in Lafayette Square. In addition, volunteers will be expected to answer general questions from concert attendees. Before each concert, volunteers will be provided information about the layout of Wednesday at the Square so that they are able to perform these duties.

Food Hall Volunteer

Volunteers in the Louisiana Fish Fry Food Hall will be facilitating the feeding of our concert-goers - a very important job! These volunteers will be paired with one of our delicious food vendors to accept orders and process payment through the operation of a POS (point-of-sale) tablet that accepts credit cards or special wristbands as payment. These volunteers will receive training in advance of their shift. Up to 14 Louisiana Fish Fry Food Hall volunteers will be needed each week - so get in on the most delicious shift in the Square!


The goal of this position will be that you assist the YLC Recycles initiative for Wednesday at the Square. As this includes glass recycling you must be able to lift 50 lbs. You will be ensuring glass, aluminum cans, plastic and any other recyclables are being properly discarded throughout the series. This includes walking Lafayette Square to help bars collect glass, directing people onsite to the respective receptacle bin and picking up any litter. 

merchandise sales
Volunteers at the official YLC Wednesday at the Square merchandise booth will be selling our limited edition 2023 line-up t-shirts (and you'll get one free for volunteering!) and other official merchandise. Volunteers at this booth will be using an electronic tablet and credit card payment processing system. You will receive training on this system before your shift


Can’t decide which volunteer job interests you the most? YLC needs Flexible Floater volunteers who enjoy being helpful and can fill in wherever they are needed. Floaters may be asked to do any of the above job duties at any of the locations and are used to fill in last-minute cancellations, no-shows, or increased demand in a particular volunteer booth. This volunteer enjoys thinking on their feet and experiencing a wide variety of roles at Wednesday at the Square.


Professional or gifted photographers needed! YLC would love to be able to share the magic of Wednesday at the Square far and wide, and for that we need great photos!
Volunteer photographers are asked to bring their own equipment, and sha
re edited selects with YLC within two weeks of the date, granting us full permission to use the photos in any capacity.


The WATS Social Content Scout is responsible for capturing the magic that happens every week at YLC Wednesday at the Square!
WATS Social team volunteers will be responsible for capturing images, video and special moments that can be used on our social media accounts. You'll send this content to our Communications Coordinator in real time, and they will handle posting. Knowledge of and experience in social media and content creation preferred. You will be asked to edit content and write suggested copy where possible.

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